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Summer 2012 Magazine Cover

I hope you’ll find there’s something for every woman, whether she be single, a mother, a grandmother, a business woman, a lady of leisure… Our readers come from all walks of life, and so do our writers. Issues of education, birthing, family life, children, business, relationships, personal and family finance, music, literature, culture and your local news are all inside. And yes, please don’t forget to share it with the men in your life; your partners, husbands, brothers, fathers and friends. In each issue there is a special ‘For your man’ section where we cover issues from men’s health to some often predominantly men’s interests (it’s not to say the ladies will not find it interesting or that our male readers won’t find the rest of the mag intriguing!). For those technologically inclined please read inside – we have some very informative gadget reviews from our in-house technology experts.

It’s a handy size so you can carry the magazine anywhere you go and read it during those (for some rare) snippets of free time.

Have a special look at our ‘Call to our readers’ (four in total in different places in the mag) and let us know what it is that is important to you and we will do our best to tell others. The back of the magazine is for your coffee break with your horoscope, school run recipes and seasonal gardening advice and also numerous special offers from our advertisers we’ve managed to arrange for you.

As from May 2012 we are taking submissions for our ‘What made me laugh aloud’ page and also for our ‘Short story writing competition’. We are looking forward to your stories.

We have experts in various fields and they will be more than happy to answer any of your questions, or just simply read your comments.

We hope you will like it and YES please do let us know. Click on ‘comments’ and leave your comments and suggestions. We do want to know!


Billie Krstovic, Editor

Interior Design

Interior design on a shoe string

I am probably not alone in my life-long passion for all things Design. However, I have been lucky enough to build a professional career in a subject that I truly love, both by working as in-house Design Manager for an iconic British brand and also pursuing my own interest in Interiors and Fine Art Textiles through commissions and exhibitions.
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Fashion shopping

Must have this Summer!

Forget the Plain Jane this summer. Be ready for a new way of dressing, because guess what ladies– everything is permitted and print is in again! One of the most exciting periods of the year, at least where fashion is concerned, is certainly the spring-summer season.
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Education Logo

Is there any value in Religious Education in schools?

Religious Education (RE) in the 21st Century is a far cry from RE in the 1950s and even the 1980s in this country. With the introduction of what is known as a ‘phenomenological approach’ to RE in the 1980s, a system which presumes an objective approach (by both teacher and pupils) towards the studied subject, RE changed from purely Christian education to an academic study of worldviews.
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