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Princess Gowri

India’s prodigal princess – lost in time

In this part of the world, very little is known of the Indian village: Kodagu (Coorg) and that such a place exists at the doorstep of a bustling metropolis, nestled between the Brahmigiri hills, hidden amongst a canopy of coffee, pepper and paddy plantations.

And virtually nothing is known of its lost princess- a story fit for a fairy tale or a hollywood blockbuster!
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Date Biryani

The Biryani Revisited

I don’t think a dish exists today, such as the Biryani, that has been so painstakingly researched over the years. It has left culinary historians baffled and its myriad theories have intrigued countless food enthusiasts, many of whom claim to have decoded its past. If the Da Vinci Code has to be re-written, Dan Brown should certainly chose the Biryani as its focus this time around. And if I were to have my last supper, I certainly wish it was a good Biryani; and so my epitaph should proclaim- “died peacefully, with a bellyfull of Biryani”.
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