Are you eating according to your star sign?

With the summer approaching fast and the beach holidays looming over our heads (and our bodies) take note of our in-house astrologer’s piece of advice for any future healthy diet plans. In fact, throw all the diets away and just get happy instead!


Aries woman
Ruled by Mars, is the feisty lady of the Zodiac. She is a passionate, competitive action woman who needs to be on the move doing something all the time. She likes to have control of her world and does not take lightly to boredom or co-dependence. Her passionate drive is very strong. There are two things which will make her binge on all sorts of foods – lack of love prospects or lack of competitive action. Ladies, if you are bored, go and find something to do. Any physical activity, from gym to dance, will work wonders, as this is the best outlet for Mars energy.

Best time to start changes towards healthy diet: after any busy period in life.

Gemini woman
Gemini woman is the chatter- box of the Zodiac. She is ruled by Mercury, planet of intellect and communication. Her life seems to depend on communication, which often means talking, socialising and making friends. Gemini will binge for it’s own sake. She is prone to mental exhaustion and has a very imbalanced diet. Gemini woman will go without food for days, living on nicotine and caffeine till she can not take any more. Afterwards, she will binge all her friends under the table, to make up for the lost energy. A more balanced diet and regular eating habits is what Gemini woman needs the most. Any healthy diet changes should be incorporated with regular relaxation.

Leo woman
The cheerful Queen of the Zodiac. She is very fond of parties, children and any sort of excess. Highly individualist, fiercely loyal, she is the heart and soul of any festivity. She likes to eat anything, but also drink anything as long as it is of best quality, and preferably expensive. Ruled by the Sun, giver of life, she hardly ever has any health problems, except when she over-indulges, which she does a lot! Leo woman has no concept of healthy eating, as far as she is concerned, hers is to rule, and other mortals should make sure she has the best food. She would benefit from avoiding indulgences, particularly with drink and read up on cholesterol and fat facts. Morning after (the party) is the best time for starting a detox and a regular healthy eating.

Taurus woman
The Earth Mother of the Zodiac. She is ruled by Venus, planet of Love and material goods. She loves three things best: money, sensual pleasures and gourmet food. She finds sharing food with ones she loves a sensuous and pleasing experience. Considering that she mixes love and food, her best date would be a venue which offers more “doing” and less eating. Our earthy Taurus woman likes security and has to learn that “full fridge” is not the same as “full bank account”. Feeling unsure of her future will make her binge to feel safe. More “loving” and less bingeing once more seem to be the magic cure! Best time to start healthy diet or a detox: when she feels safe and secure.

Cancer woman
The mother hen of the Zodiac. She is ruled by the Moon, which also rules the waters of this Earth. She will most likely have a water retention problem as it is, and will struggle with her weight during the full Moon phase. Cancer woman is very emotional, but does not like to talk about herself. If she is unhappy, she will look after everyone else, then when it is her term to be looked after she will binge instead. Cancer woman needs to learn to share her feelings with others and trust they will still like her for it. Also, week approaching the full Moon, excessive intake of liquids should be avoided. Best time to start changes to her diet: two days after the full Moon.

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Virgo woman
The Librarian and Healer of the Zodiac. Ruled by earth aspect of Mercury, she will be very careful with what she eats. Many Virgoans suffer from allergies and chemical intolerances. Virgo knows her brussels from her proteins and will often eat fruit and healthy food to excess. This, however healthy it is, to her sensitive lower intestine will be like salt on an open wound. Virgo stomach will benefit from carefully balanced diet of all nutrients at all times more than any other Zodiac signs. Bingeing, even on grapes, can have disastrous consequences. Less worry about health and more fun in life will do magic for this sensitive soul. Best to have the healthy diet created by a specialist.

Libra woman
The Marriage counsellor of the Zodiac. Sophisticated and classy, ruled by Venus in her artistic aspect, she is primarily concerned with relationships in her life. This is where she finds her identity. Libra woman will binge if she is unhappy with her love relationship. She will strive to become anything or anyone her men wish her to be, to keep the balance on the scales of life. His life, that is! Librans are likely to lose themselves in other peoples’ lives for the sake of peace. This tips the very balance in their own. More independence and less compromising will improve not only her “food behaviour” but also the very relationship she is trying to save. Any changes to her diet should be combined with self-empowering work.

Sagittarius woman
The Female Indiana Jones of the Zodiac. She is funny, flirtatious, adventurous and always up for lots and lots of fun. She is often very good at sports of all kinds and food is not so much of a problem for her. If not mixed with drinks that is… Ruled by happy go lucky Jupiter, Sagittarius woman is the most prone to partying in the whole Zodiac. She will go on food and (more so) drink binges till no-one else is able to move! She lacks self-control as she enjoys herself so much. If she is not enjoying herself, she gets bored, then she binges on her own… She will benefit greatly from finding regular time for sport and sticking to it, which would be the best time to start any healthy changes to her diet.

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Aquarius woman
The Socialist Inventor of the Zodiac. Ruled by Uranus who shaked the sixties, she is very aware of social issues and rights to freedom. This she might take a bit too far at times. Aquarius woman always strives for more freedom then she has, and this is not determined by the actual real life situation. She feels imprisoned by anything or anyone who will even slightly pin her down and request commitment. She likes relationships, but if she finds herself unable to spend hours on her own, doing her own thing she will start to resent the situation. And yes, she will start to binge on food and most likely on drink too. This is her way of rebelling, and rebelling is what Aquarian does best. This inventive woman would benefit from making clear to her partner, how much, where and when she is in need of space. Best time to start the healthy eating regime : while home alone or in the retreat.

Scorpio woman
The Wise Woman of the Zodiac. Mysterious, sexy and hypnotic, this woman is a sex Goddess. Ruled by Pluto, planet of sex, death and rebirth, hers are mysteries of creation and destruction. This powerful woman has to be careful to control this inner drive, as it can become self-destructive. This often depends on her sex life. This is the woman you don’t want to meet while she is having PMT and not having any sex life. Scorpio woman will binge on anything when she is like this. She misunderstands her sexual craving for her food cravings in her need to fill the void. This does not happen often, as Scorpio women normally have no trouble finding a mate, but when it does some physical activity will do wonders. Any diet changes should be combined with strictly regular physical activity.

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Capricorn woman
The Business- woman of the Zodiac. Traditional, outwardly reserved, she is ruled by Saturn, planet of wisdom and business matters. If she is not working herself, she is playing the role of a perfect “corporate wife” of a highly successful man. Her ambition is so strong, she is the real power behind the throne. With this much self control would anything make this woman binge? Well, this very ambition to be in control of everything and everyone in her life is what does it. Capricorn woman has to make sure that she lets go of her constant strive to reach the impossible, and pat herself on the back every now and then. When she feels out of control, this is the time to head for a relaxing bath and not the fridge door. Relaxation techniques should be combined with any healthy diet improvement.

Pisces woman
The Dreamer of the Zodiac. Ruled by Neptune, she is herself like reflective waters of his kingdom. Sensitive to the point of becoming anything she encounters, she believes in her own illusions. This mostly affects her relationships with people, and most heavily with men. Pisces decides that she will see only what she wants to see and ignore all the rest. Pisces is prone to bingeing when she loses faith in her dreams. She binges on food, alcohol and mostly sweets, which gives her comfort, as she likes to feel protected. She can be made more self-confident by practising independence and realism. Any healthy diet improvements should be combined with practice of self-empowering techniques.

Written by our in house astrologer Chiron The Skywatcher !

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