8 Reasons to Keep Your Coffee Addiction in Check

I am Italian and I love coffee! I love its aroma in the morning especially if it comes from a Moka, a traditional  Italian cafetière as it brings back so many sweet memories. Italians like their coffee strong, in a warm espresso cup and more than often drink it while standing. I find coffee extremely addictive so I keep it as a treat for the weekend. With an espresso in me I can go at 100 miles per hour and feel nicely wired, but when I take more or drink it daily for a few weeks I know I will have to pay for it … Continue reading


Joan Parisi Wilcox Speaks to Berkshire Woman

Yet again I strike gold in my search for interesting women to interview. Having an affinity for spirituality, foreign cultures, travel and adventures I came across yet another incredible woman, a true academic, an explorer from ‘darkest Peru’, an adventuress and a true ‘Mummy style’ investigator. With her background in the military, academia, and Peruvian spirituality Joan Parisi Wilcox is an exciting cocktail of the intellectual, socially ground breaking and deeply mystical. She is answering my questions in another of my interviews portraying daring, adventurous and awe-inspiring women.

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One woman’s initiative crossing bridges and helping NHS frontline

When I heard about the amazing cooperation between NHS workers and alternative healthcare providers I was intrigued. This is something I was hoping to see for decades and now it seems it was happening. Preventive medicine is at the heart of many nations medical philosophy but not so much in Britain. I was so glad to hear about some signs of cooperation. I had to dig a bit to find what and who was behind it especially as fundraising was involved. I wanted to check first that it was all real and was wondering how Berkshire Woman can help with it. I finally found Charlotte Pulver, the woman who started it all. I had to speak to her and find out more!

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I had a chat with the Hairdresser of the Year !

It was one of those days. I felt tired, overwhelmed with work, in a bit of a bad mood and really did not want to go out and socialise. I however had been invited for a chat with the London Hairdresser of The Year (2018-2019) and well, obviously could not chicken out of that! As I walked into the Windsor salon I really had no expectations. It was yet another interview and I did not know what to expect.  Continue reading


Wise Words of Gurmukh, the amazing Kundalini Yoga teacher

In December last year I was very fortunate to be taught Kundalini Yoga by Gurmukh, one of the leading Kundalini teachers in the World today. I went to her course right here in the UK, in London. Amazingly, at seventy seven she is still writing, travelling the world and teaching. She is coming back to London this Autumn and I am looking forward to sharing her words with you.

I am prone to great changes and very much used to powerful experiences but even so was still not prepared for what took place after being on the course for a mere three days. As with every true and authentic experience and with the power of continuous practice, the months that followed turbo charged me and my life beyond my wildest expectations. The intense presence of beauty, the guidance from the unseen and the sense of finding a way to myself with incredible speed was overwhelming. However, I still had questions. I felt there was so much more. I knew Gurmukh would be coming back to the UK and I asked her if she would give me an interview. When she agreed, I was not sure at first what I should ask her, I just knew I had to do it. Continue reading