Kicks on 66 signpost

In Search of America, on the (runaway) Mother Road….

A road trip along Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles, inspired by Steinbeck and song has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, Iʼm not alone in this. Pixar did it with Cars the movie, Billy Connolly did it on his Trike, Ricky Gervais sent the The Idiot Abroad in a Smart Car. We took a beautiful black convertible Chevrolet Camaro SS by happy mistake, from Hertz, (a courtesy bus ride from OʼHare airport) which turned the 2400 miles of Route 66 into such a joy to drive that we added another 1600 miles on just for fun.
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Date Biryani

The Biryani Revisited

I don’t think a dish exists today, such as the Biryani, that has been so painstakingly researched over the years. It has left culinary historians baffled and its myriad theories have intrigued countless food enthusiasts, many of whom claim to have decoded its past. If the Da Vinci Code has to be re-written, Dan Brown should certainly chose the Biryani as its focus this time around. And if I were to have my last supper, I certainly wish it was a good Biryani; and so my epitaph should proclaim- “died peacefully, with a bellyfull of Biryani”.
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Martin Baynton on WotWots, Jane and the Dragon and world domination

Martin Baynton creator of WotWots, Jane and the Dragon and also the author of more than thirty children’s books is talking to Berkshire Woman from New Zealand’s world famous Weta Workshop about his work and his plans for the future.

BW: Many of our readers would know your WotWots from the Channel 5’s ‘Milkshake’. So 99 countries with WotWots is quite a number. Are you planning World domination?

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Interview with Denise Linn and her daughter Meadow Linn

I was delighted to hear world famous writer, lecturer and spiritual teacher Denise Linn had agreed to do an interview with Berkshire Woman. I read Denise’s books for years and always learned something from them. This year Denise has written a new book with her daughter Meadow Linn which is just about to come out. I was interested to read and review this book, called ‘The Mystic cookbook’. Suffice to say I was intrigued by the idea of a spiritual kitchen and mindful cooking. (My review will be available online very soon.)
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