Flirting With Minimalism: The Reluctant Environmentalist

During my more ‘consumerist’ years, I remember arriving home from work to towers of cardboard boxes. Products I had bought to fill that emptiness we all feel when things are no longer satisfying or meaningful. The initial excitement of owning something new was always diligently followed by that toxic cocktail of guilt mixed with disgust. I’d look around my room, now strewn with the severed limbs of cardboard boxes and entrails of packing tape and styrofoam peanuts, and I’d scream on the inside. Continue reading

computer and three plants

Flirting with Minimalism: The tale of the Disillusioned Graduate

How many times have you felt like throwing most of your stuff away? Modern living, fast food, speed dating, hourly rush, expendable clothing. We live in a throwaway society in which nothing is cherished, taken time over, repaired or kept for future generations (as it used to be). So we spend, we buy, we spend and buy and buy more, whether we need it or not. But how far do we go with this? How much is enough? What do we really need? What is this doing to us?  What actual need is this fulfilling in us as a society and us as people? We think these are important questions.  Berkshire Woman is starting a campaign for clutter free living with the first in our series on minimalism written by our Anup K.M. Jheeta .

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Starting up your new business

So, you are considering the possibilities of starting your own business. That is great news, but it is essential to first consider all aspects of what will be required.

For instance are you feeling confident with yourself-your health and your domestic situation; also do you have the passion? If so, you will have more chance of success. For even if you can raise sufficient funds to launch the business-be it through family and friends, savings or with a bank loan, without feeling good in yourself the start-up will be less smooth. Talking of friends and family… This is often an overlooked and underestimated source of help. Do draw on their resources and experience as much as possible. Discuss ideas with them, use them for market research, even get them involved on the sidelines. Continue reading



The other day I bumped into someone I knew (not very well) during one of those kids’ events we go to whenever we know there is one. This woman was someone I admired for always looking good, behaving confidently and being happy. She did not seem like someone who will eat her toast in her pj’s in front of telly (as I do!) on Sunday morning without any make up, covered in her kid’s breakfast. She was just too perfect for that, and more so as she is actually very nice.

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