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Flirting With Minimalism: The Reluctant Environmentalist

During my more ‘consumerist’ years, I remember arriving home from work to towers of cardboard boxes. Products I had bought to fill that emptiness we all feel when things are no longer satisfying or meaningful. The initial excitement of owning something new was always diligently followed by that toxic cocktail of guilt mixed with disgust. I’d look around my room, now strewn with the severed limbs of cardboard boxes and entrails of packing tape and styrofoam peanuts, and I’d scream on the inside. Continue reading

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Gardening in June

What a time of the year this is in the garden! By now the threat of frost should have gone, but a piece of fleece kept handy in the shed may just save some plants if our British weather serves up a surprise. However if all goes well we can get on with tending to our horticultural charges unhindered. The days are longer, the weather warmer and with some rain everything is growing like mad. Gosh, where do we start as everything wants attention at once?
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Autumn colour from an Acer

Winter in the Garden

Autumn is now well advanced, but hopefully our careful dead-heading of bedding plants and herbaceous perennials, extended the flowering season well into October. Now summer bedding is spent and the asters are the stars of the season along with the remaining dahlias hanging on until the first hard frosts.
Colour at this time is mainly provided by the leaves of trees and bushes as they take on their autumn hues before they drop.
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