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Charlotte Vøhtz Interview

I always wanted to interview Charlotte Vøhtz, the founder of “Green People”. For me she is the original Ms Organic. She agreed to speak to “Berkshire Woman” and share her wisdom with our readers.

B.W. – Charlotte, it’s well known that you came to the idea for the business through your daughter’s problems with eczema. How did you manage to make that transition from “mum with a problem she needs to solve” into a business woman? Did you already have links with the industry or was this completely out of the blue?

C.V.– I did not have links with the industry but gained invaluable knowledge from my many years in the Pharmaceutical industry as well as four years of Business Studies. As you say, my motivation for creating an organic beauty company came from wanting to help treat the eczema and allergies that my daughter Sandra suffered from as a small child. After much personal research, it became clear that focusing on a more natural and holistic way of treating children’s allergies and skin problems was the best approach…and Green People was born! It was not a hard transition as I was on a mission to find a solution to a problem many people suffer with and my passion kept me going through the early days.

B.W. – At which point did you realise this was going to be a very successful business?
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Bikini fit workout

Summer is just around the corner and the thought of revealing those wobbly bits can be very daunting for most women. But fear not! If you want to look good on the beach then follow the following exercises for 8 weeks, 4 times a week.

The workout is designed to help with losing weight and getting fit. It will help build lean muscle meaning you will look more toned, and it will increase your metabolism so you will burn more calories. Targeted areas are legs/bum, tummy, arms, shoulders and ‘bingo wings’.

I’ve also designed it so you don’t need any equipment – perfect for busy mums on the go who don’t have time to get to the gym.

Perform 1 set of each exercise one after the other, with brief rests between exercises. This will ensure you burn more calories (and it will be over sooner). Repeat the entire workout 3 times.

Warm up: 5 -10 min brisk walk (or marching/jogging on the spot if you can’t leave the house)

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