The Twelve Children of the Zodiac

Have you ever looked at your two (or more) children and wondered how they can be so different coming from the same parents? Are you not bringing them up with the same values and in the same environment? Well that might be the case but it still does not guarantee that they will perceive it in the same way. The secret to understanding a child better could be as simple as looking at their date of birth.

Astrologically, there are twelve different personality types and each child will fall into one of these groups. There are (very generalised) simple rules to help us deal with each child of the Zodiac. Equally, they will help you to help your child develop their potential in a way they will find most suitable. However I must repeat, these are general guidelines and will apply to a large number of children in each group. To fully understand each individual child from an Astrological point of view, a full birth chart would have to be calculated and all options considered.

Aries Child the fighter of the Zodiac
Little Aries is very competitive and will most likely be jealous of a younger sibling. Aries will need lots of reassurance that she/he is still a very important person indeed, despite the new arrival. The physical side of care is very important for Aries so they might need a few extra cuddles every now and then. Knees and heads will be regularly in trouble as falling, running and vigorous activity is what the Aries child does best.

While appreciating his/her competitive side parents should make sure that the child learns that winning is not everything in life. Aries are very good in sports and parents can make a huge difference here by allowing the child to develop their interest early and compete in the right environment to his/her hearts desire. However, parents must teach little Aries that fair play is a must at all times and to enjoy the race and not just the outcome. Being the first sign of the Zodiac and mainly interested in ‘self’ Aries can grow up to become anyone they wish to be. This is a very good opportunity for parents to give little Aries as many different experiences as possible so the Aries can choose from all the wonderful new things and decide what it is they wish to be. Whatever they decide they will strive to be the best at it.

Taurus child
Taurus child is very fond of food and all beautiful things. Very likely, little Taurus will have a gift for writing and Arts of any kind. They need help in controlling their tempers, as once Taurus child is angry there is no stopping it. Temper tantrums are often followed by an upset stomach. Parents can help with this problem by not allowing the child to eat just about anything he/she wants. At times Taurus can use food to mend an emotional upset. Parents must be vigilant to avoid this and give their child some extra love in the form of cuddles, looking at beautiful things (not necessarily buying them) or creating art instead of eating while upset. Later when all is calm little Taurus will enjoy nothing more than a family meal in a jolly and warm atmosphere. Taurus child thrives on praise and parents will invest wisely in all verbal encouragement. Let them help you with cooking, food shopping and gardening. You might be surprised by the results.

Gemini child the journalist of the Zodiac
Gemini is a little chatterbox! At times it seems they never stop talking. This is what this child needs the most – communication. Parents will do well if they stock up on various Encyclopaedias and manuals for future reference. Gemini children have to learn to make firm decisions and also to relax. Any physical activity will calm the little Gemini as it will take his/her attention from their busy mental activity. Bananas and all potassium high foods are essential for their fast metabolisms as is brown rice (bursting with Vitamin B).

Take note of Gemini’s ideas and maybe for once try to help writing that book, reporting from the school playground or simply writing down the exciting story. Little Gemini will not only feel more confident but will also love you for it. And yes, they need their sleep more than most, so do make sure they are tucked up in bed on time especially on school nights. Geminis are extreme idealists and will have not only strong ideas but also strong (intellectual) beliefs. Something parents can nurture and watch out for.

Cancer Child the banker of the Zodiac
Cancer child is very sensitive and emotional. Generally Cancerian children are very needy of their mothers and at times can be very moody or quiet. Parents could try to predict these moods by buying a diary with Moon phases in it. Hopefully after a while they will be able to predict those sleepless nights (most likely during the Full Moon) and those ratty days (most likely while New Moon) just by looking at their past notes.

Cancer children need to learn to be independent and assertive from an early age. Essentially, they should learn to talk about their feelings. Parents must work on explaining that talking about feelings is ok and nothing to be embarrassed about. This will go a long way in affecting their whole life, not just their childhood. Concertinas are often givers but are unable to receive. This is another skill parents should ‘train’ their little concertinas in as by the time they grow up it will be far too hard for them to change this. So as early as possible they should be regularly receiving everything from praise to lovely little presents every now and then and help with tasks. Also these children will need to relax about money as parents might find them wheeling and dealing on the playground from an early age as they see monetary value in everything and might find it hard to spend their cash or give their stuff away.

Leo The King child!
Leo children are born performers. Everything they do in life is performance, as far as they are concerned. They don’t seek approval for what they do, they are too much the individualists for that. What they do seek is applause! They have a basic need to be appreciated and this will play an extremely important role in the development of their self-esteem. They take all criticism to heart and find it very difficult to cope with. Clap, dear parents, clap! You will reap the benefits later. This does not mean it is all a bed of roses, as this child will put up a good fight before he/she learns that they have to tidy up after themselves, as there are no royal servants to do it for them, not as yet anyway.

Leos need to learn to compromise a bit when it comes to their personal freedom and parents can help in demystifying the issue of commitment as something good and valuable. At the same time they need to be taught the value of constructive criticism and how to learn from it and use it to their advantage – a hard lesson for Leo but an extremely important one.

Virgo child
A little busy bee. This child loves to work! Though it might sound too good to be true, it will last. The problem here is the fact that Virgo child does not know when to stop and relax. From an early age Virgo will have to be praised and encouraged in their efforts. Most of all of them the Virgo children will not have strong self-esteem if criticised. They are very self-critical already and prone to worry too much.

They need to be encouraged to make friends, mix with as many children as possible and have fun. Parents should make sure their children have many parties, go to many parties and learn to go a bit ‘wild’. Then they should be allowed to spend their time reading, writing, drawing, painting, making and whatever else little hard workers wish to do. Also, Virgo child’s diet has to be very healthy, as they tend to develop allergies (mostly to chemicals), from an early age. Virgo children benefit from having pets, which they love dearly and unlike a lot of children look after them well all by themselves.

Libra child
Libra is the diplomat of the Zodiac. They are very sensitive and they like all things to be in balance. Librans see themselves through their relationships with others. They don’t cope well with arguments and harsh words. They have to learn to be individuals from an early age. Libra child is more likely to respond to a kind word and reasonable explanation than to any, even slightly, harsh treatment. Their bladders will often tell us about the state of their minds.

Parents should make sure they teach little Librans how to make firm decisions and how to not give in to peer pressure. Every now and then take them to the theatre or even a grown up art exhibition, they will be in their element and will thrive on this experience. It might be wise to start saving now for their clothes later (especially if you have a girl) as they are born with profound tastes. They are likely to take interest in all matters of law and especially matrimonial issues. They are ruled by Venus and all things related to relationships are second nature to them.

Scorpio child
Scorpio children are the psychologists of the Zodiac. They are very mysterious, sometimes even to their own parents. This child is very susceptible to the atmosphere in the home and will know if something is wrong. If at all possible it is better to tell the truth to this child and offer a positive outlook than to hide any family problems. This child will have to learn to trust and show his/her weaknesses, while knowing that that is fine too.

Their constitution is often very strong and they recover fast from any illness no matter how serious it looks to begin with. Parents should teach their little Scorpios how to deal with their strong senses and take this seriously. They should also teach them from an early age that revenge is not sweet and sometimes to forgive is better even if you cannot forget. And yes, don’t get spooked if your child knows what you are thinking – best to get used to it and filter your thoughts instead. Good luck with that!

by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pexels

Sagittarius child
Sagittarius child is a bit of a clown! This child loves any sort of adventure and might get into a few troubles at school. Oh well, who didn’t? Parents will do themselves a favour if they find a physical outlet for their child. Anything with other people and outside will do. Sagittarians often become life guards or fitness instructors when they grow up, so treat them as adventurous athletes from the start.

Parties, outings, swimming, mountain climbing and travelling are all things the Sagittarius child will thrive on. Meanwhile, some discipline (quite a bit) will do no harm either, maybe in the form of tidying up their own bedroom, which they might find very hard.

Homework might not turn out to be their favourite activity unless it includes some kind of adventuring mentally or physically. Parents need to teach this child that relaxing and enjoying yourself is part of life but it isn’t the whole life and that responsibilities have to be honoured and duties fulfilled if they are to build a successful future. However, parents must be careful not to press too hard on this and find a good balance between hard work and obviously fun, fun, fun. The best solution here would be that work and fun meet somehow.

Capricorn child
Capricorn children are the ambition of the Zodiac. Capricorns tend to have the most problems with their self-esteem, as they are born with fear of failure. Extreme caution should be undertaken to make sure that every effort is praised and shown to the public (to the grandparents, by drawings on the fridge, and so on).

These children are very ambitious and will need any help they can get, as their goals are usually far higher than their fellow classmates. Often the help is not needed with achievement but with understanding how great the achievement actually is. Little Capricorn will build the most amazing sandcastle but be ashamed of it as soon as they see some other child’s creation which is very likely far less impressive than their own. They simply have a ‘grey filter’ over their eyes when it comes to looking at themselves and anything they achieve. They also have a pathological fear of growing old poor.

Capricorn’s bones, teeth and skin is another area parents should pay attention to, as this will reflect on the child’s health. Parents should teach this child to realistically assess themselves and to relax!

Aquarius child
The scientist of the Zodiac. This child is very idealistic and will show signs of originality early in life. This might cause a few troubles on the playground and at home. Aquarius child needs to be understood and accepted for who they are. Sometimes this might not be something that is easy for parents. Reason being that Aquarius child is often strong willed and has ideas which their parents have never heard of. (Well, who heard about Relativity theory while Einstein was a kid?) This is something that parents should encourage and try to find out about as much as possible. They should take an active interest in what their child is thinking and talking about no matter how strange it might sound. Maybe take some notes too (and date them), they might be worth few a bob in years to come, you never know.

This child needs a lot of personal freedom and space; so don’t worry if sometimes they spend a lot of time on their own. However, this must not be encouraged too often as little Aquarian needs to learn that it is ok for someone to intrude on their ‘space’ sometimes. Saying that, they will have times when they crave social interaction to excess and will fiercely defend their choice of friends. And yes, all those cats, worms, frogs, birds and neighbours’ kids? Can they stay and live with you too?

Pisces child
Pisces child is the dreamer of the zodiac. They are sensitive and mostly spend time daydreaming and talking to their imaginary friends. This is when they are not dancing, singing or painting. They are very artistic and good-natured, but easily influenced and led by others. Pisces child will benefit from parents who have understanding for their creative talents.

As for parents, your child needs to learn how to “ground” their dreams. They need to learn as many practical skills as possible in order to achieve what they want. Also they need to learn to assert themselves. This is quite difficult for Pisceans as they become anything they encounter – they mirror anything they interact with which makes them hypersensitive to their environment. So, if the Pisces child mixes with a sad or unhappy child they will become unhappy themselves, if on the other hand a Pisces child is surrounded by happy, positive people then this will also ‘rub off’ and little Pisces will blend with their environment. Parents can help here and teach their little dreamer how to recognise which feelings are theirs and which are ‘picked up’ from others and have to be shaken off. Also, parents should teach their children that it is best (for them in particular) if they choose positive people to make friends with if at all possible. Pisceans often see things in people they choose to see and are often disappointed when this illusion shatters. Parents will make a long term difference if they teach this child to see people as they are.

There it is – our Zodiac nursery complete.
By Chiron The Skywatcher

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