I had a chat with the Hairdresser of the Year !

It was one of those days. I felt tired, overwhelmed with work, in a bit of a bad mood and really did not want to go out and socialise. I however had been invited for a chat with the London Hairdresser of The Year (2018-2019) and well, obviously could not chicken out of that! As I walked into the Windsor salon I really had no expectations. It was yet another interview and I did not know what to expect. 

To my relief I was greeted by a smiling face at the reception, I got some tea and there he was. Philipp Haug, a nice, smiling chap with a firm handshake and a calm voice. From then on I was spoiled! After having a fab head massage and some awesome organic hair treatments I sat down to talk to him.

BW: Congratulations on you being London Hairdresser of the Year! Please tell us a bit more about this. 

PH: The British Hairdressing Awards in summary, is a hair photographic competition for the professional hairdressing industry.  With regards to London Hairdresser of the Year, which I won back in November, I was required to submit four initial images.  There’s a lot that goes into this, as a shoot involves a tight team of a professional photographers and make-up artists to get the desired look and is art directed by the person who is entering the category. Once the photos are submitted – you basically wait in the hope of being named a finalist out of thousands of entries.  Luckily I was, and this meant that I had to work on a further set of four looks to be shot (total eight) which are then sent off for further judging.  Then, it’s a case of fingers crossed on awards night. For me this award is very special, because I’d entered both the German and British awards for 15 years in a row – and not won anything.  Perseverance is key as finally I have my trophy!

BW: How often do you get involved with the London Fashion week?

PH: Well I actually started working at London Fashion Week – for which TONI&GUY is Official Hair Sponsor since 2008. So that’s 24 seasons to date.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve been asked to head up the hair team for shows which is really exciting, as it’s a totally different process in being able to work alongside a designer to create a trend look which is going to complement the clothes for the following season.

BW: You also work on other Fashion shows. Would you tell us a bit more about who you have worked with?

Philipp Haug cutting hair London Fashion Week

PH: Oh that’s easy as one of the highlights was definitely working with designer Malan Breton who is very nice and is originally from New York, but shows regularly in London. I love the fact that it was quoted recently in British Vogue that he’s ‘the most influential designer you’ve never heard of’, yet is huge in the US. I like working with him as Malan is all about old Hollywood glamour, the models are always incredible and I get to do one of my favourite looks – sexy hair!”

BW: You teach at the TONI&GUY Academy in London? What should a young aspiring person do to get to where you are? Where can they start?

PH: Everyone who is anyone tends to start with a sound apprenticeship in order to really start learning the trade. Hairdressing is quite unique as it’s a career which offers limitless opportunities and is particularly good if you’re naturally creative, have good communications skills and like people and we are always looking for that special mix to join us. Our assistants here at  Windsor – one of our heritage salons which was celebrating 30 years in December, get an all-round experience. Not only do they work in the salon, but also attend our well known TONI&GUY London Academy for further training and mentoring, by who I feel are the best hairdressers in our industry

BW: What do love about your job? Is there something you dislike about it?

PH: What I really love about what I do is the versatility of my role. No two days are the same which is brilliant – as I get a bit restless and need to be busy. So my routine is anything between working in the salon, to teaching, doing session work etc which keeps me on my toes!

BW:  Most women would love to have a conversation about their hair with you. What are the trends for 2020?

PH: For 2020 our new collection called Trend Report, is inspired by the looks seen around the world by our team. We’ve taken those insights in order to create a wide variety of seasonal looks which are accessible and allows us to work with clients so they feel fresh and able to wear a style that reflects their own individuality.

BW: Are there really unwritten rules about the hair and the age of a woman? The higher the age the shorter the hair? True or false?

PH: There are no rules – that’s a little restrictive as I tend to feel that whoever you are, wear the look you feel best in. As long as the hair is healthy – even if it’s longer or shorter and works with your lifestyle, there are no limits.

This is not our editor, but easily could be..

BW: Women in 21st Century are turning more and more to natural solutions to their beauty. Is there a natural solution to a hair dye? Where are we with that?

PH: If someone is starting to get that ‘salt and pepper’ coming through, I would suggest either embracing it – since we’ve seen the trend for silver tones over the last few seasons, or look at less excessive colour techniques which are more natural looking such as colour glossing for example.

BW: Talking about the hair colour, how do you decide what is the best hair colour for a particular client? Or are these trade secrets and I should not ask?

PH: I believe that when it comes to colour, my take is to look at tones which are as close to your own natural shade as possible. Anything extreme is harsh and less easy to maintain. Hugely important is skin tone/complexion and at TONI&GUY we do pride ourselves on being experts where we offer bespoke, individual consultations for free at any of our salons in the UK. Furthermore, there’s the unique Colour Menu system introduced last year, which enables us to show clients exactly how the tone of a colour can make a difference – even if subtle.

BW: What is your generic advice to women about the hairstyle? How should they look after their hair?

PH: If hair tends to be worn longer in length, maintaining the health and keeping it soft and manageable is important and regularly having the hair cut is essential.

BW: Are you often in Windsor? Can ladies book their hair appointments with you?

PH: Absolutely as I do one day each week – either Wed or Friday, following the expansive upgrade of the salon as part of the anniversary celebrations. The space is incredible – less a salon – more a lifestyle in feeling.

BW: Can we come with you next time you are doing a show? (I had to try!)

PH: Yes, Yes and Yes of course – see you for the AW 20 collections!


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