One woman’s initiative crossing bridges and helping NHS frontline

When I heard about the amazing cooperation between NHS workers and alternative healthcare providers I was intrigued. This is something I was hoping to see for decades and now it seems it was happening. Preventive medicine is at the heart of many nations medical philosophy but not so much in Britain. I was so glad to hear about some signs of cooperation. I had to dig a bit to find what and who was behind it especially as fundraising was involved. I wanted to check first that it was all real and was wondering how Berkshire Woman can help with it. I finally found Charlotte Pulver, the woman who started it all. I had to speak to her and find out more!

Hi Charlotte. Thank you for agreeing to talk to Berkshire Woman. Please tell us a bit about your background. 

I practise holistic healthcare, having worked in the field of natural healthcare for over 20 years. I have trained in Tibetan Medicine, Mayan Medicine and various systems of healing.

Tell us about the initiative and what are you trying to do ? 

The “Frontline Immune Support’ initiative provides free immune support packs to NHS Frontline healthcare staff. To enable them to receive the immune assistance they deserve from the – inside out.

If we can give the best immune supportive products to ourselves in life, we can give them to those on the frontline too. Medical staff face the largest amount of constant viral load in the workplace during this Covid-19 pandemic. But these top quality immune supportive packs help reduce the ongoing viral load they receive on a daily basis while in the same time supporting the immune system in keeping them resilient and strong. It is also helping them to combat stress and fatigue during their work on the frontline.

Interestingly this is a very collaborative idea. We have natural remedies, homeopathy and mainstream supplements. What exactly is in this package? 

The packs contain incredibly high quality immune supportive supplements and remedies. Usual retail price would be £110 per month worth of supplies, but we have obtained them for £15. The suppliers have been incredible generous and supportive in slashing pricing down in support of this intiative. It contains Liosomal Vitamin C(best absorbed vitamin C on the market), Vitamin D, Zinc, Andrographis, Medicinal Mushroom Complex, Homeopathic remedies and Antimicrobial essential oils.

That is some coctail! How did you come to this idea and how did this unravel? 

I had been helping many clients during the current Covid-19 pandemic – including many working in the medical profession – creating preventative treatment plans to maintain immune resilience, or recover from the onset of symptoms swiftly with ease. It was when assisting some of these clients on the frontline when they said to me – “Why don’t we have this type of immune support on the frontline? It really works. It is so needed.” That gave me the idea and the impetus to put something into action fast. I had to speak to suppliers to see if they’d like to support such an initiative which they greatly did, slashing prices down by 70% to support NHS frontline healthcare staff in this time.

What have you achieved so far? 

Hundreds of packs filled with all this immune supportive goodness has gone out to hundreds of NHS frontline healthcare staff, from Doctors, teams of ICU nurses, surgeons, GP’s, mental health workers et al. The word has spread across the UK requesting this support and we now have a very long waiting list. With more funding and donations from the public we’d be able to fulfill all these orders. Every penny goes to paying the suppliers, the whole service is completely free.Wonderfully the word has spread around the world, with people wanting to replicate our initiative where they live.

What do people who receive this package say? 

They are all so very grateful and deeply touched. Often expressing that it has given them so much support to know the public care about supporting their internal immunity, and have their pack in this profound way and service. Both physical immunity and emotional immunity it has given them.

Those who received the packages whilst sick, have said it has helped them recover remarkably well, in very short time frames – which they found greatly surprising.

How far have you come regarding your aim? What can people do to support this project and help NHS frontline workers further? 

People can support directly by donating at our webpage.

What is the internet page address people can go to to donate?

Charlotte thank you so much for talking to us. We hope our readers will support this initiative and you and your team will be able to help many more frontline NHS staff. Keep us posted!

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